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Hotel Constantine,perfect choice in the heart of Belgrade

Hotel Constantine the Great opened in November 2014 and since then has become synonymous with luxury, comfort and outstanding service. It is located in the heart of Belgrade, which makes it ideal for business people and those who want to take advantage of everything the city has to offer.

The complex consists of 55 spacious and luxuriously furnished rooms, each with its own unique details and features, which ensures a pleasant stay for every guest. The rooms are designed to meet all the guests' expectations, and the hotel's 4 stars testify to the high level of quality and service.

Business guests will also enjoy the advantages of the hotel, especially the conference hall that can accommodate up to 80 people. Comprehensive technical equipment and in-house catering ensure a successful meeting, training, celebration or any other type of gathering.

The hotel has friendly and professional staff, who will do everything to provide you with a pleasant stay. In addition, the hotel also provides its own parking, which ensures additional comfort and safety for all guests.

Hotel Constantine the Great is the right choice for those who want to enjoy a unique and exclusive environment, in the heart of Belgrade.

Visit us and see for yourself the extraordinary service and luxury provided by a stay at the Constantine the Great Hotel.

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